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YOUR most valuable asset

Your most valuable asset is your brand.  It’s your face to the world.

Your logo is an important part of your brand and CineFilm Media can bring your logo to life with animation and sound in a way that enhances your image and communicates your mission. Click here to see how we can help your political or non-profit organization communicate it’s mission

But in a broader sense, whenever you communicate with your customer, the look, the feel, the quality of the communication either enhances or damages your brand.  You can shoot videos on your cellphone and post them on YouTube. But what are you communicating about your organization when you do that?

A cinematic, professionally shot and edited film from CineFilm Media will enhance your image and engage your target audience.  Click here to see  how we can enhance the image of your business

  • “Vividly illustrates the facts about challenges & restrictions for patients…”

    - Galen Institute


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CineFilm Media is a full-service video production and editing company.  We can help you to move beyond just giving information to your audience and help you engage them at an emotional level.

Everyone today is bombarded with things and people vying for their attention.  You have a limited time to connect with your audience and convince them your product or your cause is important.  How do you break through?

You break through with story supported by motion imagery and sound – with editing that is concise, striking visuals, and a story that is compelling to your target audience.  We know how to do that for you. Compelling cinematography, evocative music and animated illustrations will produce game changing results for your organization.

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We have a camera and lighting package to fit your budget.  We’re located in the Triangle area of North Carolina but play local to the Triad, Charlotte, Wash DC and coastal markets.

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Already have an event video or interview that you need to turn into engaging content? Send us your footage from anywhere in the world and CineFilm Media post-production can provide video editing, motion graphics / animation, audio sweetening, music bed, color correction or grading — anything necessary to make it compelling for your target audience.

For ideas about how our services can help your organization, check out our Commercial or Political pages

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